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Division Coordinator (DC):
DC’s are responsible for forming fair and balanced teams to the best of their abilities. Teams are based on age, years of experience, player ratings, and All-star participation. To form the teams, there must be enough coaches (two per team). When there aren’t enough volunteers, DC’s may have to solicit the division for additional coaches. Team formation takes place in June and early July. After teams are created, it is good practice to send out additional emails to keep the coaches updated throughout the season. DC’s must be able to respond to emails from concerned parents and coaches regarding a wide variety of issues. Examples include practice and game info, problems with fields, questions regarding rules of the game, conflict resolution, and player injuries. Each age division is unique in their set of issues, but fellow DC’s and committee members work together to ensure a smooth and happy season for everyone.

Referee Administrator
The Ref Admin oversees all the refs and reffing for the season.  They coordinate required training for new and returning refs.  Rule updates are communicated to all refs.  Responsible for scheduling refs for all u10 and higher regular season and tournament games.  The Ref Admin will often need to clarify rules with coaches and parents.  Mentor younger refs.  While it is not required that the Ref Admin be a ref, it is necessary to know the rules of the game.  Work begins in May, connecting with existing refs, finding new refs and scheduling training.  Regular weekly emails throughout the season.

All-Star Coordinator
The All-Star Coordinator is responsible for organizing the All-Star season.  Identify coaches interested in coaching an All-Star team.  Holding tryouts.  Assisting in the selection of coaches.  Identifying local tournaments and determining the cost and requirements for each tournament.  Registering teams for their selected tournaments.  Maintaining open communication with coaches, rec committee members and tournament coordinators as needed.  Work begins in October, ramps up around tryouts and tournament registration, and then is in maintenance mode through the end of the All-Star season, which is usually early February.

Equipment Coordinator
The role of Equipment Coordinator is to inventory current equipment and place orders for needed equipment in early summer. Distributing the equipment to coaches and to the different fields begins in August. Equipment includes (but not limited to) balls for every player (plus extra for each team for practices), ball bags, cones, pinnies, goalie jerseys, goals and flags, and coach bags with miscellaneous needed items. Each field (Paloma, Colony Park, and San Benito Elementary) has a shed for storing items during the season. In addition, Atascadero Soccer rents a storage unit on El Camino. 

Uniform Coordinator
The Uniform Coordinator is in charge of ordering and distributing uniforms to the teams. The job begins once registration has closed and teams are formed (usually in July.) After receiving the uniforms, the pieces will need to be sorted by division and team. Coaches will pick up their team’s uniforms on Coach Handout Day in August and distribute them to their players the first week of practice. Inevitably, changes will need to be made and another order will need to be placed that week or the next. Once the final changes are made, the job of Uniform Coordinator is done for the season.

EOS Awards
This job entails selecting, ordering, and delivering the End of Season awards to every player in the league, as well as the tournament trophies for the winning teams. The first step is reaching out to each coach to receive an accurate player count with names. Following that, medals (or something similar) would need to be ordered from the vendor with enough time for names to be engraved, should the committee decide on that added detail. Finally, all awards would need to be delivered to the teams before the final games in November, and trophies would need to be ready for presentation by the tournament weekend. Essentially, the first steps of this job is in September, and the final steps of delivery take place early November.

Fundraiser Coordinator
This role entails creating, implementing, and running fundraisers to support Atascadero Soccer. Past fundraisers have included raffles, bbq’s, and concession stands. All ideas are welcome and the Fundraiser Coordinator would have help and support from other committee members. 

Banner Contest Coordinator
All teams have the option to create a banner to display during their games. While many teams opt to have their banner professionally made, there are several who choose to create their own. All homemade banners are eligible for our annual banner contest. The role of the coordinator is to collect photos of said banners, sort them by division, and distribute them to the Atascadero Committee members to choose the winning banners. The coordinator would also be responsible for selecting prizes for the winners and distributing them after voting takes place. This job would ideally be completed by mid-to-late October.

Soccer Fest Coordinator
Be part of bringing back the much loved Soccer Fest.  In years past, this was a fun evening in the early part of the season where families from all divisions came together to play some fun soccer games, swap equipment and enjoy some BBQ.  The BBQ was used as a fundraiser and players each sold tickets.  Work begins in July to start scheduling and planning and the event would be scheduled for sometime in September or October.  

Website Editor
This role would assist in keeping the website current and accurate.  Verifying that information is accessible.  Making improvements to the site to help parents find important information.  Minimal ongoing work throughout the year.

Committee Meetings

The Committee meets at the old cafe at ABC Church at 7:00 pm on the following Mondays in 2024.  Any member of the public is welcome to join us and will be given 3 minutes to address any concerns or questions they may have.
  • March 25
  • April 22
  • May 20
  • June 10
  • June 24
  • July 8
  • July 22
  • August 12
  • August 26
  • September 19
  • September 23
  • October 14
  • October 28
  • November 4
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